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Swami Rajvibhu is a rare Kumbhak Yogi who has invested his life in reviving this vedic therapy. Based on his keen and incisive observation of human mechanics, he is able to offer customised practices to every individual.


Navneet leads a team of Kumbhak Practitioners who are excited by human mechanics and the mechanics of life. The team’s sole aim is to join hands with as many people as possible and guide them out of disease and unhappiness.


Cancer Warriors:
Anyone who is battling against cancer 

Cancer Survivors:
Discover holistic practices to maintain wellness and vitality to support in post-treatment phase.

Individuals with a Family History of Cancer:
Anyone who wants to know about preventive strategies and practices to mitigate the impact of genetic predisposition.

Those Seeking Preventive Measures:
Anyone who is looking for proactive measures to prevent the risk of cancer at initial stages, our webinar is a valuable resource. 

Any one supporting someone through their cancer journey & wants to understand how Kumbhak Therapy can complement traditional treatments, providing additional support for the mind and body.


Frequently Asked Questions

Kumbhak literally means hold. Kumbhak is the effort-creating mechanism of the human body. Here we are talking about the Kumbhak which is breath hold. Through specialized breath-hold Kumbhak can create an internal trigger for the body and the mind.

In kumbhak, we do not look at cancer as different types. Cancer of any kind or stage is cancer. Every kind/stage involves cancer cells as it involves abnormal growth of cells or tissues. Where & how it manifests in a particular individual may depend on various aspects of one’s physiology, genetics, lifestyle diet and so on. We need to know the weakest aspect causing problems. This is identified through UNIQUE PRAN SHAKTI DIAGNOSIS and an individual solution is provided which helps to handle cancer situation in body.

While Kumbhak Therapy is a valuable complement to traditional treatments, it's essential to approach it as a supportive element rather than a substitute for medical interventions. If the growth or pain etc is too much, surgery will help to reduce the current situation. If one can bear it, you can give your system a chance with Kumbhak though the impact of therapy on surgical or chemotherapy decisions varies among individuals. Going through any conventional treatment or surgery is individual choice.

Absolutely! Kumbhak Therapy is designed to complement traditional cancer treatments, including chemotherapy. The breath-centric practices of Kumbhak are known to reduce stress and promote relaxation. This can be particularly beneficial for managing the emotional and physical challenges that may accompany chemotherapy. Every individual's cancer journey is unique. Kumbhak Therapy offers personalized practices, aligning with your specific needs and enhancing your overall quality of life during treatment.

The timeframe for observing positive test results can vary based on several factors, including the type of cancer, its stage, the kind of treatment undergone already and specially the individual response to treatment.

Many participants show improvement in 3-6 months of practice and many do not have re-occurence issues after regular practice. Majority of the treatments are external support in nature however in Kumbhak Therepy we are building strength, balance and rhythem in system to enhance the current healing strength of your body.

These are some of the noticeable difference participants experience after joining our course:
✅Improvement in Mental state & energy levels
✅Harmony in system or any other health improvements.
✅Reduced pain in surgery & boost recovery after chemo treatment
✅Speed up immune system regeneration.
✅Positive effect on system through unique dietary recommendations & fasting.
✅Reduction in oral drugs & injections used while doing chemotherapy.
✅Significant improvements in CBC and Blood Chemistry reports.

Kumbhak works with everyone and every condition, provided the person does it as instructed. We can guarantee about kumbhak, not about the participant's commitment. Also, participants undergoes various treatment so there is no guarantee about the problemsill effects caused by the current treatments.  Therapy enhances immune system, brings body to a certain state of balance and vibrancy.

It's a SCIENCE, one has to apply it step by step and it will work.

a. Is the practice you are doing specially designed for you or is it general?

b. Are the practices geared towards generating a specific empowerment which can have a reversal effect on the specific disease you are struggling with?

If not, you can do a little exploration with Kumbhak. If while doing Kumbhak practices, you want to continue with yogic practices, then let us know the practice, so that we can advise accordingly.

Kumbhak or breath-hold methods involve minimum use of the body. The practices can be learnt and done by anyone of any age (16 years and above). If you have a certain challenging condition like recent/earlier surgery, or any physical problem, the same can be shared at the start of a program and it’s taken care of.

Kumbhak practices can be done sitting on a floor or chair. In fact, they need to be done in a state of ease. In our current programs, we have people who are 60 plus. They are able to do the practices and are benefitting from the same.  

Yes, this live webinar is free where we will provide you detailed information on benefits of Kumbhak Therapy and detailed course conducted by Swami Ji.

No, as long as one is breathing one can do Kumbhak

Yes , a BP Patient can do kumbhak under a trained kumbhak mentor without forcing the body to hold the breath.

You need to do the kriyas till your health issues are resolved , but after sometime due to any reason your symptoms come back you need to practice once again.

No. Breath-hold is one of the ways to enhance the Kumbhak or holding factor. The other ways in Kumbhak Therapy involves using breath, body movements, focus, mind, intentions, the energy system, external forces, the environmental factors and even divine influences in a person’s life

Most therapies talk of managing or controlling the levels or symptoms. Kumbhak Therapy      focuses on returning the system back to its natural condition and not just focusing on bringing down levels or lab parameters.

  • Kumbhak Therapy uses the body’s strength building or effort making mechanism. 
  • It is targeted at a weakened organ or weakened function. 
  • It’s completely natural. 
  • It does not interfere or intervene in a person’s current medical treatment
  • It has no side-effects 
  • It focuses on root cause determination and provides customized solutions. 
  • It can be learnt from the comfort of one’s home. 

Yes, a healthy person should do kumbhak to strengthen the weakened forces within him/her to lead a disease free life . Thus kumbhak acts as a preventive treatment too.

No, it is not difficult as it is a guided online program by trained kumbhak mentors . Astang Chikitsa online therapy course involves minimum body movement. They can be done sitting on a chair or on a flat surface. Participants are also encouraged to do their practices gently while giving sufficient rest between rounds. Thus, they build their capacity slowly.