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Navneet leads a team of Kumbhak Practitioners who are excited by human mechanics and the mechanics of life. The team’s sole aim is to join hands with as many people as possible and guide them out of disease and unhappiness.


Swami Rajvibhu is a rare Kumbhak Yogi who has invested his life in reviving this vedic therapy. Based on his keen and incisive observation of human mechanics, he is able to offer customised practices to every individual.


Anyone Suffering From:


Low B.P.

Heart Problems



Atrial Fibrillation

Weak Heart Function


Tachycardia, Bradycardia


Artery Diseases

Gaining Post Surgery Strength

E Fraction

Valve Prolapse

BP + Kidney Issues



Holistic Heart Health: Look beyond management. The solution is strengthening the heart function and its pumping ability.
Guidance from Experts: Our experienced mentors will guide you through every step, ensuring that your journey to better heart health is safe and effective.
Proven Results: Join countless others who have experienced positive transformations in their blood pressure and overall heart well-being through our program. 

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Kumbhak is the effort making or strength creating ability of the human system. This everyone does on a daily basis for performing any dynamic activity. For example, while lifting something heavy or getting up from a chair or while focusing, a person’s breath gets held. Without this hold of breath, the activity will not happen.

In all these cases the direction of breath hold is directed towards an external action. The same can be directed internally. All internal organs also need a factor of hold or stability to perform efficiently. This factor of hold needed for dynamic action is called kumbhak.

Kumbhak is commonly referred to retention before or after Inhale and exhale respectively in Pranayama and Yoga. Kumbhak is the fundamental effort making ability which is used in every activity of life including the activity of yoga and pranayama.

Every dynamic activity needs the support or base of a stable factor. Like we need a balanced centre of mass and a ground in order to walk. Similarly, all internal organs perform their dynamic functions based on a support of a stable factor. When the organs or the stable factor becomes weak, a disease happens inside.

The solution therefore lies in strengthening the organ or the factor supporting the organ.  Kumbhak Therapy involves holding methods that are directed towards strengthening the weakened organs or functions. By strengthening the weakest aspect, other aspects are strengthened too. This helps the body to repair itself and come out of the chronic condition troubling it. 

Most therapies talk of managing or controlling the levels or symptoms. Kumbhak Therapy focuses on returning the system back to its natural condition of utmost health and not just focusing on bringing down levels or lab parameters.

It does not interfere or intervene in a person’s current medical treatment
▶️Kumbhak Therapy uses the body’s strength building or effort making mechanism and is targeted at a weakened organ or weakened function.
▶️It has no side-effects and It’s completely natural as using your own body to correct itself.
▶️It focuses on root cause determination and provides customized solutions.
▶️It can be learnt from the comfort of one’s home online.

Kumbhak Therapy courses provided by Astika Kumbhak involve minimum body movement. They can be done sitting on a chair or on a flat surface. Participants are also encouraged to do their practices gently while giving sufficient rest between rounds. Thus, they build their capacity slowly. Anyone above the age of 16, who is willing to commit themselves to their recovery with patience and dedication can do Kumbhak Therapy practices.

We must see that any procedure done on the heart does not strengthen it. Only by giving it short-term natural triggers (making it work more) can we strengthen the heart. So, any one can do kumbhak. In our course, every participant does the practice as per capacity and slowly builds upon it.

It's essential to understand that the time required for healing may vary depending on various factors, including the severity of the disease, overall health condition, and individual response.  While we don’t guarantee a complete reversal of diseases for some cases, most people will be able to reverse their condition over time. We have all the information on our site based on actual patients' testimonials who are leading a disease-free life after practicing Kumbhak Techniques in as little as 3 months of dedicated practice. These are evidence that

Kumbhak has immense potential to build functional and organ health to give a disease-free life.  It's important to note other medical systems do not offer any guarantee to heal you rather over a period of time the medicines get increased. So , see you on the other side of healing rather than every time increasing your dosages.  

a. Is the practice you are doing specially designed for you or is it general?

b. Are the practices geared towards generating a specific empowerment which can have a reversal effect on the specific disease you are struggling with?  

If not, you can do a little exploration with Kumbhak. If while doing Kumbhak practices, you want to continue with yogic practices, then let us know the practice, so that we can advise accordingly.

Your body is the best diagnostic equipment. It tells you immediately if something is wrong. It also indicates when things are fine. Once you stop experiencing the symptoms associated with hypertension and heart condition, it means your condition is getting reversed. If a person is able to perform activities with enthusiasm without getting burdened it means they are becoming healthy.

A person in asthma, BP, or heart condition means they have lost the hold over their lung or heart function. By not doing anything about these, a person will forever suffer the condition and be on medicine for life. Therefore, a person with these conditions must do kumbhak practices as prescribed in the Kumbhak Therapy. By slowly building their hold or Kumbhak over weakened functioning, they can come out of the problem and enjoy medicine free life.

Blockages happen when the heart lacks pressure. It creates blockages to increase the pressure, so that it can function properly. By creating block your heart is trying to protect you. Without strengthening the heart if you try to remove the blockages, the chances of collapse will increase. You might loose 5 years of your life. Angioplasty is not scientific in nature – it is now claimed by the recent modern research. By strengthening the heart, with Kumbhak the blockages will naturally get reduced.

With kumbhak practices fatty liver, cholesterol levels are reduced. When the body is in threat/risk it starts storing its food in concentrated form like triglycerides, lipids. If you reduce the risk, it will not store the these.

We must see that any procedure done on the heart does not strengthen it. Only by giving it short-term natural triggers (making it work more) can we strengthen the heart. So, any one can do kumbhak. In our course, every participant does the practice as per capacity and slowly builds upon it.

Fibrillation means vibration (kaapna/kampan). When something is weak it will vibrate. The valves are vibrating coz it does not have the proper strength and pressure. LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy), neurons, myocardium (muscles of the heart), Nervous weakness, muscle weakness all can be rectified by strengthening the heart.

First of all, Pranayama and Yoga are directed towards spiritual growth and not towards therapy. That they are promoted as therapy is different matter altogether. Breath hold is prohibited in the initial phases of yogic journey.

However, breath hold is used by everyone in daily life, whether they have a heart condition or not. When we get up from a chair, pull someone, push someone, lift something, or even focus on a point, our breath gets held.

In Kumbhak Therapy breath hold is directed towards strengthening the Vyana Vayu and Dakshinagni. It has to be done gently and as per comfort. Only by strengthening these aspects, can one come out of symptoms of blood pressure and heart problems. 

The time duration varies from therapy to therapy. Some require a time of 30-40 minutes, every day. Some require a time of 20 minutes in the morning and about 10 minutes in the evening. Technically, one needs to do Kumbhak Therapy Practices till the time one is out of the condition. This can vary from a few weeks to a year or more. However, it is recommended to do the practices throughout life as with Kumbhak Practices one keeps on the building the resilience of the system against unfavourable internal and external factors.

This is like asking, what are the side effects of breathing or walking or doing any activity using the body. There are no side effects of kumbhak because it is the strength creating or effort making mechanism of the body. The body uses it to function better, both internally and externally. Plus, there are no side effects of kumbhak as it is not something external like chemical medicine or food.

Also, if you notice one cannot hold even a simple thing like breath-hold beyond a certain limit. Remember, no one on the planet ever died by holding their breath. They had to resort to other methods.

So, one cannot create difficulty with kumbhak, unless one goes beyond a threshold which the body allows. In Kumbhak Therapy practices, everyone is told to do the practices gently in a comfortable manner. The Kumbhak capacity is built slowly over a period of time.